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2008 Lunar Lander Challenge media

New Document Please see John’s update for description of events and technical details.


Still awaiting our waiver to go back to tethered hover testing, we put the Mod through a hold-down test, Tuesday, Sept. 16th. (WMV, 2MB)

Waiver now in place, we put the Mod through a tethered hover test, Sunday, Oct. 12th. (4-square WMV, 25MB)

183 second Pixel tethered hover test, Tuesday, Oct. 14th. (4-square WMV, 38MB)

Pixel in a 183 second tethered hover test, "pushing the sun down," Saturday, Oct. 18th. (WMV, 58MB)

The first flight in Level 1 of the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge on Friday, Oct. 24th. The Mod bounces on the pad early, disqualifying this leg. (MPEG1, 10MB)

The second flight, this one qualifies as a successful first leg. (MPEG1, 13MB)

The third flight, later in the afternoon, is a successful second leg and wins Level 1. (MPEG1, 12MB)

Pixel's attempt at Level 2 on Saturday, Oct. 25th. Slow fuel valve actuation leads to an engine burn-through that knocks Pixel over and ends our hopes for winning Level 2 this year. (MPEG1, 4MB)


Mod hold-down test.

The crane hook lifting catch, "wheelbarrow" wheel for pushing the Mod around more easily, and the shop as we prepare for LLC 2008.

More hold-down testing.

Back to tether testing.

Troubleshooting the valve reaction problem.

Preparations the day before the event at Las Cruces Airport.

First flight in Level 1.

On the pad after the second flight. We sprayed paint around the feet to mark the Mod's position after learning we wouldn't be allowed to fly the second qualifying leg because we were losing the airspace.

After the winning leg, Russ hoists the judge's prism to on top of the Mod to mark its position, then the Mod is placed back on the trailer for the victory drive back to the start line. Team members call family members and loved ones on the way back to break the news.

Celebration and interviews back at the starting line.

Attempting Level 2 the next day, Pixel's fuel valve fails to open properly on throttle up causing an engine burn-through and tipping the lander over. The team assesses Pixel's condition and decides there is too much still unknown to attempt Level 2 one more time in the afternoon. John explains the situation.

So Level 2 is still up for grabs, but first place in Level 1 is claimed!


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