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X Prize Cup 2007 media

X Prize Cup 2006 Media Please see John’s update for description of events and technical details.


Pixel demonstrates the full Lunar Lander Challenge Level 1 flight profile at the Oklahoma Spaceport, Saturday, June. 2nd (MPEG1, 30MB)

The Mod's AST qualification flight at the Oklahoma Spaceport, Saturday, Oct. 20th (MPEG1, 14MB)

The second X Prize Cup flight window, Saturday, Oct. 27th -- 7 seconds short of the prize (MPEG1, 32MB)

The third X Prize Cup flight window, Sunday, Oct. 28th (MPEG1, 18MB)

The fourth and final X Prize Cup flight window, Sunday, Oct. 28th. A hard start ends our hopes (MPEG1, 8MB)


Joseph tries out his new propellant loading manifold panel.

Using an old peroxide motor to ensure LOX turns to GOX before the igniter.

Hover testing out at the old Dallas Naval Air Station.

At the Armadillo shop getting both Mods ready.

James's setup for welding an injector together.

Applying insulation to the second module.

The Mod's engine.

Off to Oklahoma for the Mod qualification flight

The team celebrates a successful flight.

The Armadillo team, and FAA-AST and OSIDA representatives.

Getting ready at Holloman

Russ walks the computer box between pads to get the GPS survey.

The Armadillo team, and Air Force and X Prize representatives out at the pads.

Working on the Mod while the air show static displays are set up in the background.

The Armadillo staging area.

"Scooby," top-notch Air Force representative with Neil and Phil.

Out at the pads on day 1 of the competition.

The Air Force and X Prize Cup volunteers help move a Mod since we can't perform hazardous ops in this location.

The staging area -- where the competition begins, and right next to the Armadillo booth.

Out at the pads for day 2 of the competition.

The crew van is also mission control.

Launching leg 2 of the Sunday morning attempt. This flight was aborted almost immediately because of engine damage.

The crew works to get a new engine on the Mod.

Hard start on the final attempt.

The Holloman fire crew puts out the fire.

Inspecting the damage.

One more thing before we leave -- "Ghost" takes us to see the F-117s.

"Ghost," Air Force representative who really went the extra mile for us.


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