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Igniter Work, Space Access '03

April 22 – 27 Notes

April 22 – 27 Notes


Igniter Work


We got the XCOR igniter fully functioning on Tuesday, and we did some new propellant experiments, but we don’t have much to report yet.


Space Access ‘03


Most of us were at the Space Access ’03 conference this weekend.  We did quite a lot of talking to people from FAA-AST about our launch license process, as well as a couple potential future customers.


Fountainhead Entertainment (Anna’s company) produced another neat Armadillo progress video that we debuted at the show, and is now linked off of the home page in high and low bandwidth versions.  This one is a little shorter than the last two, due to FE being rather busy with non-volunteer work lately.  Despite that, they are also working on another secret project featuring Widget the armadillo…





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