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Video Gallery

More videos can be found in various project updates.

See Armadillo Aerospace's official YouTube channel for more videos and options.

On YouTube (available in HD and with Closed Captions)
Windows-compatible (WMV - 62MB)
Apple-compatible (MP4 - 67MB)
Almost-anything-compatible (MPEG1 - 69MB)




Windows Media (15MB)
QuickTime (13MB)

Hi-Band (42MB)
Lo-Band (13MB)

Hi-Band (28MB)
Lo-Band (8MB)

Hi-Band (30MB)
Lo-Band (9MB)

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Miscellaneous Project Videos

2009 Level 2 Lunar Lander Challenge video and photo coverage.

2008 Lunar Lander Challenge video and photo coverage.

Full media update of the work in progress for the Rocket Racing League.

2007 Lunar Lander Challenge video and photo coverage.

Complete video and photo coverage of Armadillo's X Prize Cup 2006 preparation and appearance.

90 Second hover at the Oklahoma Spaceport. Three camera, large .wmv file. (21MB)

Three camera view of a horizontal engine firing. (4MB)

Side-by-side view of "Pixel" in a 35 second hover test. (4MB)

The Vertical Dragster is taken out for a full-throttle hold-down test. (9MB)

Vertical test stand engine firing that ends with the injector burning through. (5MB)

Engine test attached to the back of a pickup truck (the engine exhaust knocked the camera over in the second shot). (5MB)

Free hover at the 2005 X Prize Cup. (3MB)

Test hovers of the lander leading up to the 2005 X Prize Cup (13MB)

Hold-down test of the 2005 X Prize Cup lander showing gimbaling in action. (4MB)

Gimbal actuators in action. (2MB)

The team experiences zero G on G-Force One. (10MB)

The first and only boosted hop of the 48-inch vehicle. It is completely destroyed in this flight. (4MB)

Flawless hover of the 48-inch vehicle. (8MB)

The 63-inch diameter vehicle hovers in a tethered test at the shop. (9MB)

Perfect boosted hop of the "Flying Crayon." (7MB)

The jet vane lander takes a boosted hop but ends up tipping and crashing. (5MB)

Manned drop test demonstrating crush cone deceleration. (16MB)

The "Bomb Pop" flies unsuccessfully in Oklahoma. (2MB)

First manned flight - Russell Blink goes for a ride. (13MB)


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