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More images can be found in various project updates.

2009 Level 2 Lunar Lander Challenge video and photo coverage.

2008 Lunar Lander Challenge video and photo coverage.

Full media update of the work in progress for the Rocket Racing League.

2007 Lunar Lander Challenge video and photo coverage.

Complete photo and video coverage of Armadillo's X Prize Cup 2006 preparation and appearance.

Texel and Pixel almost ready for the X Prize Cup.

Pixel Hovers in a tethered test.

Pixel ready to lift off its stands.

The team at the Oklahoma Spaceport preparing to hover "Pixel."

Ignition at the Oklahoma Spaceport (poor weather that day prevented good GPS reception and a good hover)

The electronics box of the current Armadillo rockets.

Pixel before getting its LOX tanks insulated, with the lift/tether arms attached, and with the old electronic boxes.

Artist's conception of the next generation of Armadillo rockets (65-inch tanks, four differentially throttled engines).

Artist's conception of the "Quad" layout vehicles that will fly at X Prize Cup 2006.

Cutaway view of the "Quad" layout vehicles (design has changed slightly during construction).

The Armadillo shop (the "Vertical Dragster" visible in the upper left, hemispheres for the tanks of the next generation 65-inch vehicle and the "Quad" layout vehicles awaiting assembly in the middle, and the X Prize Cup 2005 vehicle in the lower right.)

The Vertical Dragster on stands tethered under the lift.

The X Prize Cup 2005 vehicle hovering in a tethered test.

The X Prize Cup 2005 vehicle without its cone, chained for a hold-down test.

An aluminum regeneratively cooled engine being test fired on the vertical test stand.

The 48-inch "mixed monoprop" rocket takes off. It crashed and was completely destroyed on this flight.

The "mixed monoprop" lander in flight during a "boosted hop" test.


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